Porta Brace POL-MFZ1 Polar Mitten Heated Camcorder Hard Case For Camera

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In the Box

  • Porta Brace POL-MFZ1 Polar Mitten Heated Camcorder Case - for Sony HDR-FX-1, HVR-Z1 Camcorders
  • Suede leather carry handles
  • Lens hood
  • 4 x Heat packs
  • 1 year warranty

The POL-MFZ1 Polar Mitten Heated Camcorder Case is designed to keep Mini DV camcorders such as Sony HDR-FX1, HVR-Z1 and similar size camcorders warm in cold temperatures.


The interior is lined with Mylar fabric to reflect heat back into the camera chamber. Heat packs can be placed inside the case to maintain interior temperatures to keep battery, recorder, lens and hands warm. The case has been tested at minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. One hand opening at the lens is enclosed with fleece cuffs for warm access.

Suede leather handles make it comfortable to carry and optional HB-10P or HB-15P shoulder straps are available. The attached lens hood protects the lens in transport. It also prevents condensation from forming when bringing the Polar Mitten case in from the cold. The Polar Mitten case is supplied with 4 heat packs.

Thickly padded and constructed of high loft insulation
Interior is lined with Silver Mylar Fabric to reflect heat back to the camera. Successfully tested at -500F (-100C)
Touch Fastener strips line the interior of the Polar Bear for arranging heat packs
One hand opening at the lens is enclosed with cotton cuffs that keep hands warm and the cold out
A lens hood is supplied with the Polar Mitten to protect and keep camera insulated during transportation. The lens hood is stored on the case.
Optional HB-10P or HB-15P shoulder straps are available

Compatible with

  • Sony HDR-FX-1, HVR-Z1 camcorders
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