Originally founded in 1996 as a cooperative tripod manufacturer, Benro developed and began marketing its own brand name - Benro Professional Tripods and Heads - in 2002. By continuously investing in advanced tooling and precision machining in concert with a highly trained design/engineering team, Benro has spared little effort in developing and refining their product line. As a result of their commitment to quality and performance, Benro has become one of the best known, and best-selling brands in China, not to mention a rising star in foreign markets. In 2005, registered under a new corporate name, Benro Precision Photography Industry Co. LTD (Hong Kong) began construction of larger production facilities, and currently produces professional tripods and heads from a 30000m2 factory and 35000m2 production facility.

As a result of our efforts in producing the finest, pro-quality photographic tripods and heads, Benro was awarded the 2005 ‘Photographer’s Companion Award’ for producing what is now widely acknowledged to be one of today’s most successful imaging product lines.

Benro continues its sales success worldwide and has rapidly become the number one tripod choice for professional photographers throughout the Far East and beyond.

Benro has received many prestigious awards including the Chinese government’s “Quality and Reputation Award” in recognition of Benro’s hard-earned reputation for high-quality production standards. Honor and national recognition aside, Benro continues to strive for continuous product improvement, innovative design, and commitment to the needs of professional photographers.

Benro S7 Dual Stage Video Aluminium Legs Tripod Kit  A573TBS7 - Studio AMG

Benro S7 Dual Stage Video Aluminium Legs Tripod Kit A573TBS7

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