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Chrosziel Bridge Plate Sony PDW-F3 19mm AC-401-125

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Key Features
  • Compatible with Standard 19mm Rods

The Chrosziel AC-401-121 is a bridge plate adapter designed for standard 19mm rods. The plate is suitable for all cameras and fits Chrosziels' patented V-mount wedge plate. The patented wedge plate with QuickLock mechanism automatically connects to the camera quickly and easily. The plate's mechanics prevent unintentional opening, making sure the unit is always secure. By using a bridge, users can easily adjust the camera's center of gravity when attached to a tripod.

In combination with the bridge plates, adjustment to the centre of gravity on the tripod is very easy. The plates come with 19 mm stainless steel rods (video standard). All accessories for the 15mm light-weight supports fit by means of an adaptor. For video cameras with different optical axes, bridge plates are specially adapted.

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