InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle 518Wh Battery, 1000W Motor

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Speed: 22 mph
Range: 20-25 mi
Motor: 1000W
Battery: 518Wh
Wheel: 16"
Ride Modes: yes

Speed and range are listed as maximum potential under optimal conditions


  • Stronger motor: 1000W (2000W Peak)
  • Faster: 22mph top speed
  • Premium Comfort: built-in leg pads, larger V10 pedals
  • Ride Modes: includes new ride modes and fine-tune pedal sensitivity adjustment as seen previously in V10
The Most Popular EUC
The V8 (formerly known as Solowheel Glide 3) has been around for a couple years now, and there is a good reason this electric unicycle remains relevant with an ever growing popularity. InMotion V8 broke ground with many new features when it was released, and now those features are standard among many other models across the industry as well. V8’s built-in retractable handle makes living with your electric unicycle completely second nature, and the anti-spin button makes sure you can lift up your EUC for brief periods without needing to power down. The full array of RGB LEDs on the sides of the wheel allow for full customization of your ride, especially at night. You can even share and download these animated light patterns with other V8 riders across the world via InMotion’s App.

The core specs and price are what truly make this an easy choice for so many people looking to enter the world of electric unicycles, although heavier riders seeking top performance with fewer limitations will want to take a look at the V10.


Feature-Loaded & Under $1K
InMotion V8 strikes a great balance (pun intended) in the electric unicycle world because riders can enjoy all the great features that make modern EUCs so convenient. It’s an easy choice for anyone looking for an affordable entry point without sacrificing too much power and range. In fact, V8 is quite the hill-climber with ample torque.
Ultra-Slim & Compact Design
Living with a V8 is easy because it takes up a small footprint. Riders don’t need to give it a second thought when choosing to take their V8 with them because it’s so easy to roll it at your side or stow it at the restaurant, theater, or gym. V8 “melts into the background” of your life more seamlessly compared to larger wheels.
Comfortable To Ride, Easy To Learn
A slim design lends itself to both comfort and speed of learning to ride because it’s easy to manage with one foot and introduces less pressure against rider’s dominant leg. The relatively light weight of V8 also means you get a much more “punchy” performance with more responsive acceleration and braking compared to a heavier, larger EUC.

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