DPA Microphones d:vote 4099P Stereo Microphone Wireless System for Piano VO4099P

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Key Features

  • Dual Supercardioid 4099 Gooseneck Mics
  • Microphones Are Sensitivity Selected
  • Built-In Windscreen & Shock Mount System
  • Magnet Mounts Attach to Piano Frame

The DPA Microphones d:vote 4099P Stereo Microphone System for Piano is a piano miking solution that delivers a high level of isolation on stage while providing clean and transparent stereo sound quality with realistic dynamics. The system comes with everything you need including two mics, windscreens and shock mounts, magnet mounts and two XLR adapters. The mics and magnetic mounts afford realistic capture of a piano. Plus, they work for closed lid scenarios as well. The system provides stable and repeatable positioning. The mics can also be positioned at different angles. The mounts will work with magnetic surfaces on other instruments as well.

  • High gain-before-feedback
  • Flat frequency response
  • Compact, discrete size
  • Excellent phase characteristic

Detachable Cables

The updated 4099 range features detachable cable from gooseneck, so it's more convenient to mount the mic on an instrument before connecting it. Furthermore, the choice of different cable qualities makes it possible to tailor your mic to the specific task, such as choosing the heavy duty 2.2 mm cable for PA/Live gigs or the easier-to-hide, thinner miniature cable for personal mounting on instruments where you don't want the cable weight to interfere with your performance. In case of cable break, service is easy and fast

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