Broadcast Control System TSL TM1-MK2+ Tallyman 1RU Controller TSL-TM1MK2PLUS

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The TallyMan TM1+ is ideal either as a standalone solution for small facilities or working together with other TallyMan controllers and expansion units to provide an infinitely expandable solution for any size facility.


  • 1RU Unit
  • Single Internal PSU
  • Solid State memory
  • Directly power TSL Products UMDs via RJ45 Serial ports
  • Interfaces to all known mixers, multiviewers, routers and other standard broadcast devices
  • Parallel circuits may be set as either inputs (GP) or outputs (GPO)
  • Configurable from the TallyMan programm


  • 1 x Ethernet Port
  • 1 x RS232 Port
  • 2 x RS422 Ports
  • 8 x RJ45 UMD Connectors to power up 38 TSL 8 character displays
  • Parallel Curcuits - 64 in total
  • I/Ps: contacts to the ground
  • O/Ps open collector