Aladdin Bi-Fabric2 Kit with Case and Battery Plate (Gold Mount/V-Mount)

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Key Features

  • 12 x 23.6" Bi-Fabric2 Panel with Pouch
  • Dimmer with Gold Mount/V-Mount & DMX/LumenRadio
  • AC Adapter, Antenna, 16.4' Cable
  • Metal Frame, Diffuser

In the Box

  • Aladdin BI-FABRIC2 Bi-Color Flexible LED Panel
  • Aladdin Pouch for BI-FLEX4 LED Panel (Black)
  • Aladdin Dimmer20 with V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Aladdin AC Adapter
  • Aladdin X-Bend Holder
  • Aladdin Ball Head Stand Mount with 16mm Stud
  • Aladdin Universal Extension Cable (16')
  • Aladdin Diffuser

Limited 1-Year Warranty

  • Aladdin Frame Kit Bag for Bi-Flex 2 (Black)
  • Frame
  • Frame Diffuser
  • Antenna

Aladdin has put together this Gold mount Bi-Fabric2 Kit with Case and Battery Plate to give the image maker everything he or she will need to get up and running with this unique light source. The system includes the 12 x 23.6" Bi-Fabric2 LED panel with a pouch, a dimmer with Gold mount battery plate that supports both wired and wireless DMX via DMX512 protocol or LumenRadio, and an antenna. Also included are a diffuser, a metal frame with diffuser, an AC adapter, X-Bend Holder, a ball head stand mount, a 16.4' extension cable, and a kit case.

Aladdin BI-FABRIC2 Bi-Color Flexible LED Panel

If you've ever wished you could bend your framed LED panel into a shape that conforms to your subject matter, the BI-FABRIC2 Bi-Color Flexible LED Panel from Aladdin is your solution. The BI-FABRIC2 is literally flexible. Bend the 23.6 x 11.8" mat into a U-shape for wraparound lighting, into a cylinder for rim lighting, or for long, elegant highlights on glassware or other reflective objects. Its light weight, negligible heat, and thickness of only 1/4" means you can squeeze it into tight places or use it up close to the subject without fear of discomfort or damage.

The BI-FABRIC2 is also functionally flexible. Color temperature is variable from 2900 to 6000K. The BI-FABRIC2 requires a power supply but it has flexible power needs. It's ready for worldwide use via a separately purchased 100-240 VAC universal adapter but it will also run on optional V-mount or Gold mount batteries when AC power is unavailable. The panel has touch-fasteners at each corner for flush mounting on flat surfaces. Since it weighs about a pound, you can even gaffer tape it to walls or ceilings.

Bi-Color LED

The Bi-Fabric2 is a flexible, bi-color LED panel for professional use in television, movie, and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 97. The panel is the cinematographer's choice for a small, lightweight, and powerful lighting tool for various applications such as portable interview lighting, or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars, or even squeezed inside objects for product photography.

Small and Lightweight

At 23.6 x 11.8" and less than 1/4" thick, the Bi-Fabric2 runs on an optional AC adapter or a separately purchased battery. Each corner has a touch-fastener allowing you to put it to uses such as upgrading your old halogen softbox to LED or flush mount it onto walls or ceilings.

Aladdin Pouch for BI-FLEX4 LED Panel (Black)

Store your BI-FLEX4 LED Panel Light in the black Aladdin Pouch.

Aladdin Dimmer20 with Gold Mount Battery Plate

The Dimmer20 with Gold Mount Battery Plate from Aladdin combines controls and a power source for the fixture. The Dimmer20 controls light intensity from 0.5 to 100% and is rated for 200W of output power. Settings are visible on the unit's large 5.0 x 2.5" OLED display. The dimmer supports both wired and wireless DMX via DMX512 protocol or LumenRadio. The Dimmer20 can run on AC power via a separately purchased adapter or on optional 26V batteries via its Gold mount battery plate. It is compatible with Fabric-Lite 200W, Bi-Flex2/4, and Bi-Fabric2 lights.

Aladdin AC Adapter

This AC Adapter from Aladdin is compatible with Base-Lite 100, Bi-Flex2, and Bi-Fabric2 lights.

Aladdin X-Bend Holder

The X-Bend Holder from Aladdin is designed to hold Bi-Flex2, Bi-Fabric2, and All-In 2 lights.

Aladdin Ball Head Stand Mount with 16mm Stud

The Ball Head Stand Mount with 16mm Stud from Aladdin offers a wide range of movement and a 5/8" stud for stand-mounting an X-Bend frame. It's compatible with Bi-Flex1, Bi-Flex2, Flex-Lite1, Bi-Flex M3, Bi-Flex M7, Flex-Lite1, Bi-Fabric2, All-In 1, All-In 3, All-In 4, and All-In 6 lights.

Aladdin Universal Extension Cable (16')

The Aladdin 16' Universal Extension Cable connects flexible LED mats to their AC power supplies. It is compatible with Bi-Flex2, Bi-Flex4, Bi-Fabric2, Bi-Fabric4, and Fabric-Lite 200W LED lights.

Aladdin Diffuser

Modify and soften the quality of your Bi-Flex2 and Bi-Fabric2 lights with this Diffuser from Aladdin.

Aladdin Frame Kit Bag for Bi-Flex 2 (Black)

Store your Frame Kit for Bi-Flex 2 in the black Aladdin Frame Kit Bag. The bag features a zipper closure and carrying handles.


Holds Frame Kit for Bi-Flex 2

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