TC Electronic RH-750 Bass Amplifier 750W 990010011

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Key Features

  • 750W of Power
  • 4-Band Semi-Parametric Equalization
  • Tube Tone Emulation for Vintage Sound
  • Onboard Multi-Band Compressor

In the Box

  • TC Electronic RH-750 Bass Amplifier
  • Mini-Jack to RCA Cable
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty

TC Electronic's RH750 is a compact bass amp with 750W of power designed for the rigors of touring as well as the high-fidelity expectations in recording studios. For a variety of bass tones, the amp has a semi-parametric EQ, an emulated tube circuit, a multi-band compressor, and more, along with three storage presets for saving and recalling your customized bass sounds.

For flexible tone control, there is a four-band semi-parametric EQ section, which can come in handy when playing dead or overly reverberant rooms. Just engage the Shift button to define each EQ-band's center frequency, and then disengage it for tweaking the amplitudes. Add classic analog warmth and dirty drive with the amp's TubeTone control, giving you the vintage feel of a tube bass amp. Rather than placing a single tube in the preamp section, TC Electronic designed a circuit that emulates both preamp and power amp gain staging and overdrive.

The SpectraComp is a multi-band compressor made for controlling all of the bass frequencies, instead of solely focusing on the lower end, as is often the case with many conventional compressors on bass amps. With the SpectraComp, you can dial in subtle compression, for fitting your bass tracks snugly in the mix or for a more aggressive compression for that '90s-rock effect.

The RH750 makes changing your sound uncomplicated by allowing you to store and recall your creations in three memory banks. You can customize your sound for different tunes, or even different sections of a song, and then conveniently switch up your tone, via the optional RC4 footswitch or push-button control on the face of the unit.

The insert jacks can be used to connect to external effects devices as well as link to RH750 units to achieve more power. The Line Driver output acts as an active DI for sending a balanced signal to a PA or a recording device. You can set where in the signal chain the signal should be tapped. For recording purposes, you can connect your bass to audio interfaces through the 750's Digital Out, and capture your sound in your recording software.

TC Electronic provides an onboard, easy-to-read bass tuner that is always active, whether or not the RH750 is in Mute mode. Three indicators show pitch status, and the note that you are tuning. The headphone amp emulates a speaker, and can play back any signal connected to the aux input jacks, allowing you to play along with an external audio source. You can connect your headphones to the stereo mini jack and enjoy an unobtrusive practice session.

For hands-free access to the memory banks, mute, and tuning functions, there is the optional RC4 footswitch/remote. Lastly, with the built-in power supply, operating from 90 to 240V, the internationally touring musician can bypass complicated fuse changes and simply plug in and play.

  • 750W of power
  • 3 memory banks for storing tone settings
  • 4-band semi-parametric equalization
  • Onboard multi-band compression
  • TubeTone control for a vintage sound
  • Onboard chromatic bass tuner
  • Optional external footswitch (available separately) for changing presets or engaging tuner 
  • Built-in DI for sending your signal to a PA or recording device
  • Built-in power supply operates from 90 to 240 VAC
  • Send/Return connectors for external effects
  • Auxiliary inputs for plugging in your music playing device
  • Headphone input for quiet practice sessions

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