Quasar Science Q-LION LITHIUM ION BATTERY LED LAMP 5 10 20 Watt Q5W3056S

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At Quasar Science, we attempt to optimize the conjunction between excellent color, lasting color performance and maximum output, producing the highest lumens per watt possible while retaining a great color spectrum.

  • Compatible Dimmers
    • ETC Sensor
    • Innovative Dimmers
    • ID: Rat Pac
    • Lutron CL
  • Some dimmers will require a Ghost Load**

**A “Ghost Load” is traditionally an off camera light used to draw additional power in order to balance and stabilize a power supply.

In this case a small incandescent light bulb (around 15w) should be attached to the line to burn off any voltage leak from the dimmers.

  • Flicker Free Lamps
  • Quasar Science Lamps last 25,000 + hours (where noted.)
  • Charges from Mirco USB QC 3.0 power adapter

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