MYT Works Glide 3-in-1 Medium Camera Hi-Hat Slider System 4 ft. 1062

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In the Box

  • One 4' Glide Medium
  • One Medium Rover Dolly
  • One M/L Hi-Hat Assembly, Flat Mount
  • Two Bullseye Levels

Get three unique camera support modes in one package without ever having to un-mount the camera! The Medium Glide, Hi-Hat and Rover comprise a professional-grade 3-in-1 system for the payloads up to 80 pounds. It was designed specifically for smooth, easily controllable motion with beautiful starts and stops. Incredibly versatile and a breeze to carry and setup, the Medium 3-in-1 is able to adapt to whatever creative setup you may need. MYT Works 3-in-1 represents the latest and most advanced approach to camera slider dolly technology today. MYT Works have been manufacturing and delivering systems since 2010 with one goal: to create the strongest, smoothest and most portable systems available.

MYT Works Rover Dolly

The Medium Rover dolly shines at continuous moves across any flat surface. The 5" soft foam wheels achieve smooth motion and clean starts and stops over a wide range of surfaces that are difficult for traditional dollies, including carpets. The Rover is great for getting a quick shot while the Glide is being set up or broken down. With the quick release Hi-Hat, going from one to the other is nearly instantaneous. By locking the pan on the camera head, an operator can even steer the Rover to achieve very subtle curves.

3-in-1 Hi-Hat Latch Release (This Model has Flat Mount)

A single lever releases the Hi-Hat from both the Glide and the Rover dolly, giving the operator three systems in one. Latch pressure is fully adjustable via a single thumbscrew located on the inside of the carriage. Need additional rigidity and precision? Operators may also use a set of MYT Works SRP Locking Bolts to screw the Hi-Hat into place. The modularity of the Hi-Hat gives the operator tremendous freedom. The top mount may be quickly changed between 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell or Flat Mount configurations to accommodate nearly any type of camera head. The stackable step rod legs may be exchanged to bring the camera package either higher or lower.

Sleeve/Wheel Bearing Block

MYT Works unique hybrid design achieves a new level or camera control by combining both a sleeve and a wheel. The rolling element reduces the amount of force the operator must apply to create a move. All the while, the sliding element smooths any unevenness, keeping the camera's inertia under control. The pair works in tandem to solidify the beginning and end of each move, preventing common problems of overshoot and backlash. Seamlessly ramp in and out of moves with very only light input to the Glide. Best of all, the bearings are very easy to maintain. Remove the silicon caps to expose the wheels inside. Grab a cotton swab and then some warm water or denatured alcohol and gently apply pressure to each wheel while sliding back and forth.

Hard Coated Dual Extrusions

The Medium Glide utilizes 10 mm diameter dual extrusion rails. The shape of the rail mimics that of a structural I-beam, making it stiff and resistant to bending under load. The Glide can be mounted on both ends; a third center support is not necessary. MYT Works take great pride in the workmanship and quality of each one of their systems. All of MYT Works products are built to last and the Glide is no exception. Made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, all of the components are incredibly robust and built to handle the rigors of production work. MYT Works are also proud to be Made in America. All of MYT Works custom components are designed, machined and assembled in the New York City and Tri-State area.

Attention to Detail

MYT Works really poured over every detail of their Glide Line to maximize it's utility on set. The End Caps were ergonomically designed to fit naturally in one's hand while allowing for a firm, secure grip. The naturally treated wood prevents discomfort in high and low temperature environments. Alternatively, exchange them for MYT Works Aluminum version for even more versatility and functionality. MYT Works Static Plates feature multiple 1/4", 3/16" and 1/2" attachment points, including a built-in 5/8" pin receiver and mounting patterns for interfacing tripods and stands. The Cross Rods are 19 mm diameter to accommodate the wide variety of existing camera accessories on the market.

The MYT Works 3-in-1 system is an integrated camera support system that features three unique modes in one package. Utilizing the patent-pending one-latch release technology, the operator can seamlessly switch between: a sliding shot on the Glide, a static shot resting the Hi-Hat in a stand-alone position or a rolling shot on the Rover. This all without ever having to unmount the camera.

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