Midas Neutron - High Performance Audio System for Pro X Digital Consoles

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Key Features

  • 108 Gigaflops DSP Performance
  • HyperMac Router with 192 Channels
  • 40-bit Floating Point Processing
  • 96 kHz Sample Rate

The Neutron from Midas is a high-performance audio system designed to be the heart of the Pro X live performance digital mixing system. The unit features a HyperMac router capable of 192 bi-directional channels with 40-bit floating point processing and a sample rate of 96 kHz. The standard four DSP cards provide N+1 redundant operation, while the dual-redundant connection to the control center offers enhanced reliability. The system works with snake connections up to 500m with optical cable or 100m with CAT5/5e cable The Neutron ships with three locking power cords.

100 Gigaflops

The Neutron Audio System Engine features the latest generation of DSPs and high-performance FPGA, coupled with Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data (MIMD) architecture, which delivers 108 Gigaflops of digital signal processing performance and has the potential to provide more than 800 audio paths

Automatic Time Alignment

The Neutron provides a comprehensive automatic latency management system for all internal routing and processing as well as external analog inserts. All audio samples are synchronized before summing, resulting in absolute phase coherency at the outputs

Comprehensive Channel Processing

Every input channel features delay, high and low pass filters, insert point, gate, compressor, and 4-band parametric EQ. Each output channel features delay, insert, dynamics and 6-band fully-swept parametric EQ and both input and output paths’ processing order is easily reconfigurable


The digital equalizer features fully interpolated controls, which recreate the original phase shift as experienced when working on professional-quality analog consoles. Each input channel has 4-band parametric EQ, with a choice of 4 different filter types for both the high and low filters, allowing the emulation of sound from historic Midas consoles in real time or advanced digital filter types, which are free of the limitations of analog circuitry

Dual Input Gains

There are two input gains per channel, with the first offering the remote analog gain of the Midas microphone preamplifier, while the second is a digital gain. Set the analog gain for the desired amount of Midas “warmth,” then use the digital gain to trim to your preferred gain structure 

Dynamics Processing

The dynamics processing features a frequency-conscious gate and a choice of five different compressor algorithms. Each algorithm offers variable knee, internal and external side-chain filtering and coloration artifact options. The output bus compression also offers a choice of five different options, designed to provide the engineer with a broad palette for maximum creative potential. More dynamics processing options are available in the FX rack, including multi-band compression and dynamic equalization

FX Rack and Graphic EQs

Simultaneously process up to 48 virtual FX algorithms with the Neutron’s 40-bit floating-point audio processor, which hosts a wide choice of FX devices including dual-mono delay units, stereo modulation, and many diverse reverb FX, multi-band compression, dynamic EQ and multi-channel dual-function dynamics processing. All FX processors are custom-designed to function within the Midas automatic latency compensation system, ensuring a phase-coherent sample-accurate mix regardless of whether the FX devices are used as channel inserts or as a send-and-return. Up to 36 1/3 octave Klark Teknik DN370 Graphic Equalizers (GEQs) are provided, which can be patched into any output

Surround Panning

In addition to normal stereo and SIS (Spatial Image System) operation, the console can operate in one of three surround sound modes:
  • Quad 4-Channel – L-R front plus L-R rear
  • LCRS 4-Channel – L-R-C plus single rear channel
  • Quad 6-Channel – L-R-C plus sub plus L-R rear

All three surround modes feature a divergence control to tailor the depth of the surround panning. Dynamic surround panning can be implemented using the consoles trackball, or the USB pointing device of your choice

Free-Routing System

Point-to-point routing anywhere with the network with up to 288 inputs x 294 outputs. These can be patched and routed on a scene-by-scene basis via the snapshot automation system

192 Channel Multi-Core

Neutron has dual-redundant HyperMac ports (both CAT5e and Optical), which provides the digital equivalent of a 192 in / 192 out multi-core between the stage and front of house. Eight AES50 ports facilitate connections to the DL Series stage boxes and other AES50 I/O hardware, such as the optional Klark Teknik DN9620 AES50 Extender and DN9650 Network Bridge, make the Neutron the heart of a performance area network

Triple-Redundant Power Supplies

The Neutron contains three removable power supplies, only two of which are required for full operation. These power supplies are auto-voltage sensing, auto-switchover, and are fitted with locking AC connectors

Additional Features

  • Expansion card slot for additional connectivity options
  • Features Neutrik etherCON AES50 and Ethernet control network ports
  • Dual-fiber Neutrik opticalCON DUO connector used for optical fiber snake connection
  • Rugged 7U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications
  • Designed and engineered in England
UPC: 696859305535

In the Box

  • Midas Neutron - High Performance Audio System for Pro X Digital Consoles
  • 3 x Power Cords
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty

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