Klark Teknik KT-AES50 Network Module KTAES50

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Key Features

  • Compatible w/ DN9650 & DN9652
  • Midas Neutron-NB Compatible
  • Cirrus CM-1 Format Compatible
  • Dual-Port AES50

The KT-AES50 from Klark Teknik is a network module providing a dual port AES50 digital audio interface, which is compatible with the DN9650 and DN9652 network bridges, as well as the Midas Neutron-NB dual network bridge expansion module for the Neutron high-performance audio system engine.

The KT-AES50 features up to 48 bi-directional channels at both 48 and 96 kHz sample rates with dual port redundancy in 48 kHz systems. The module enables the interconnection between two AES50 networks, as well as providing expanded AES50 channel counts in either 48 or 96 kHz AES50 networks.

General Features

  • Dual-port AES50 network module with up to 48 bidirectional channels @ 48 and 96 kHz
  • Compatible with Klark Teknik DN9650 and DN9652 network bridges and Midas Neutron-NB expansion module
  • 48-channel dual-redundant operation @ 48 kHz
  • Independent 24-channel operation on each port @ 96 kHz
  • Operates from incoming AES50 clock or external clock via host unit
  • LED indicators display AES50 connection status
  • Electrically and mechanically compatible with the industry-standard Cirrus CM-1 format

Digital Audio Networking

  • SuperMAC (AES50-Compliant) digital audio networking technology from Klark Teknik simultaneously provides high channel counts, ultra-low and deterministic latencies, sample-synchronous and phase-aligned networked clock distribution, error detection and correction, network redundancy, and ease of deployment and use to meet the demanding requirements of live concert touring
  • KT-AES50 is compatible with all MIDAS digital consoles, audio system engines, digital I/O units, as well as with any other AES50-equipped devices

Flexible Connectivity

  • The two AES50 ports provide dual-redundant connections for 48 bidirectional channels in 48 kHz systems, whilst at 96 kHz sample rate the two ports may be operated independently for a combined total of 48 bidirectional channels. This allows the KT-AES50 module to be clocked from one of the AES50 ports, and the incoming clock is then distributed to the second AES50 port and the host unit via its CM-1 interface
UPC: 748252155948

In the Box

  • Klark Teknik KT-AES50 Network Module
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty

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