Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS and A Head Kit EL10287.1

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Key Features

  • Ranger RX Speed AS with Battery, Charger
  • Ranger A Action Flash Head
  • Spare Ranger RX Speed AS Battery
  • 70° Grid Reflector

Comprising everything needed for a portable yet powerful lighting kit, the Ranger RX Speed AS and A Head Kit from Elinchrom is an ideal set for outdoor, on-location shooting where short flash durations are a necessity. This kit includes the Ranger RX Speed AS pack with battery and charger, a spare battery for the Ranger RX Speed AS, one Ranger A Action flash head, a 70° grid reflector, a Ranger ELS Transceiver RX Adapter, a 16.4' long PC sync cable, Ranger RX Shoulder Strap, and a hard EL Carrying Case to protect the entire kit during travel or storage.

Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Asymmetrical Battery Powered Pack

This is the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Asymmetrical Battery Powered Pack.  The "RX" signifies the ability to be fired by a remote control handset, or computer. The "AS" indicates the ability of the 1100Ws power pack to divide power to each of 2 heads asymmetrically. The "Speed" indicates very short flash duration (when using an "A" model flash head). A special remote control is available to allow control over settings and firing from a computer or handset.

Two dedicated heads are available: FreeLite S and FreeLite A. Following the same head designations as other flash heads in the Elinchrom family, the A "Action" heads provide ultra-fast flash duration, whereas the S Heads produce a "Standard" flash duration (considered extremely fast compared to other brand's flash heads). Lower the power to 17Ws, and switch to slow recycle and up to 5100 exposures can be made.

Elinchrom Ranger has flash durations as short as 1/4310 sec. (with 2 "A" heads attached), ideal for sports, fashion, and theatre photography.

Controls on the pack permit changing the output in 0.1 stop increments in an easy-to-read digital display.

UPC: 719821247425

Elinchrom Ranger Free Lite A - 2400 Watt/Second Fast Duration Flash Head

The Elinchrom FreeLite A Flash Head is dedicated to the new Elinchrom Ranger battery-powered pack. It is an ideal choice for anyone requiring the shortest possible flash duration. It features Elinchrom's unique short flash duration flashtube, capable of 2400 w/s output and designed to withstand the heating stresses associated with rapid full power shooting.

The Free Lite A features a 16', low resistance power cable, modeling light switch and safety fuse.

Elinchrom's extensive line of reflectors, softboxes, accessories are compatible, and available separately. This is a flash head only. It requires an Elinchrom Ranger Power Pack.

Elinchrom Battery with Holder for Ranger RX Speed AS Pack

This is a Battery with Holder for Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Pack.
The holder adds convenience by making battery change faster.

Recharges in approximately 3 hours with optional charger
No memory -- may be recharged at any level of depletion

Elinchrom Grid Reflector, 7", 60 Degrees, for Elinchrom Flash Heads

For use with existing 7" circular honeycomb grids from Elinchrom and various other manufacturers. A patented, durable bayonet locking system provides positive instant mounting to all Elinchrom flash heads.

Elinchrom Ranger RX to EL-Skyport RX Adapter

The Elinchrom Ranger RX to Skyport RX Adapter is a the necessary adapter that makes it possible to use the EL-Skyport Receiver with Ranger RX units.

Elinchrom EL 33215 Ranger Hard Shell Case

The Elinchrom EL 33215 Hard Shell Case is made to carry and protect an Elinchrom Ranger RX battery unit or Digital RX 1200/2400 digital power pack, with one or two flash heads, cables and accessories.

Molded plastic case made to carry power pack with one or two heads.
It is carried with a folding handle.
Compatible with Elinchrom Ranger RX or Digital RX 1200/2400 power pack with one or two heads, cables and accessories

In the Box

  • Elinchrom Rapid Charger for Ranger Power Pack (115-230VAC)
  • Elinchrom Battery with Holder for Ranger RX Speed AS Pack
  • Elinchrom PC to Amphenol Sync Cord (16')
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Elinchrom Flashtube - 3000 W/S - for A3000, A3000N Heads
  • Elinchrom Modeling Lamp - 100 Watts/12 Volts for Free Lite Flash Heads
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Note: Charger not included

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 2-Year Warranty

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