Canton in Wall 800 2-Way Free Air Flush Mount Speakers (90/140 Watts, 88DB) Pair

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Canton InWall 800 main/stereo speakers combine beautiful craftsmanship and solid engineering, resulting in high-quality sounds across the spectrum of frequencies. The Canton InWall 800 uses a 2-way free air system to give satisfying results in any setting. Additionally, the streamlined rectangular shape of the Canton stereo speakers includes a protective grille constructed of sturdy sheet metal. Sounds come through the tiny perforations, in a rich rendition of deep bass notes, along with the higher frequencies and everything in between. An 8-inch polypropylene woofer pairs smartly with a 1-inch aluminum tweeter. Additionally, these versatile 2-way speakers have a crossover frequency of 3.300 Hz and are ideal for both residential and commercial environments. Weighing just 4.4 lbs, the Canton InWall 800 speakers are also easy to install and offer excellent performance. Also, the tweeter level for the 2-way speakers is adjustable for welcome flexibility. Gold plated clamp contacts on the Canton stereo speakers demonstrate the careful amount of detail used in every aspect of these handsome and capable speakers. Users find reliability and a sleek appearance from these speakers.

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