Blue Cactus Multi Pattern Tube Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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The Blue Cactus is a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone designed for professional vocal and instrument recording. The output stage is designed around a single, hand selected sub-miniature vacuum tube. The vacuum tube delivers the warmth and detail of a pristine analog signal without coloration and noise. The tube circuit is Class A and fully discrete, eliminating noise generated by integrated circuitry.

A multi-pattern version of the renowned B7 (Bottle) capsule is at the forefront of the signal path. The B7 is a large diaphragm, single backplate capsule with a sonic character that accentuates mid-frequencies and retains natural highs, resulting in a smooth, warm, colorless signal. The Cactus features 9 user selectable polar patterns. Variations of Cardioid, Omni-directional, and Figure of 8 are all accessible on the included Cactus power supply. The Cactus power supply features a multi-pin input and standard 3-pin XLR output.

Vacuum Tube Output Stage

A hand selected sub-miniature vacuum tube provides the signal character associated with warm vintage analog circuitry.

Class A Circuitry

Class A discrete circuitry, eliminates the noise associated with integrated circuits, providing noise free, pristine throughput.

Multiple Polar Patterns

Cardioid, Omni-directional and Figure-of-8 polar patterns are all available and feature variants of each for a total of 9 polar patterns.

B7 Capsule

A multi-pattern version of the renowned B7 (Bottle) capsule is at the forefront of the signal path. The capsule delivers, transparent signal reproduction with emphasis on vocal presence.

Integrated Accessories

As a complete solution, the microphone includes an integrated pop filter / shock-mount, Cactus power supply, ATA flight case, and Blue Champagne cable.

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