Audix DP7 - Professional Seven Piece Drum Condenser Microphone Kit DP-7

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Key Features

  • For Drums & Percussion
  • 2 x ADX51 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Mics
  • D6 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone
  • i5 Dynamic Snare Drum Microphone

The Audix DP7 is a 7-piece drum microphone kit for professional recording and live sound reinforcement applications. The kit contains everything necessary for successful drum kit capturing. This kit includes one I5 cardioid, two D2 hypercardioid, one D4 hypercardioid, one D6 hypercardioid and two ADX51 overhead microphones. Also included in this package are four D-Vice gooseneck drum clips and a rugged aluminum road case.

Audix I5 Cardioid Microphone

The I5 features a cardioid polar pattern with a linear frequency response, capable of accurately reproducing signal at high sound pressure levels (SPL).

Audix D2 Hypercardioid Microphone

The Audix D2 drum microphone features the frequency and sensitivity response required for accurately reproducing signals from drums and percussion instruments.

Audix D4 Hypercardioid Microphone

With a polar pattern an sensitivity characteristics much like the D2, the D4 features a tailored frequency response suitable for low frequency percussion such as toms and kick drums.

Audix D6 Hypercardioid Microphone

The Audix D6 is a cardioid dynamic low frequency instrument microphone suitable for kick drums, bass cabinets etc. The cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis noise and ambiance caused by additional instruments, monitors etc.

Audix ADX51 Overhead Microphones

The Audix ADX-51 is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone designed for general instrument and vocal capturing. The cardioid polar pattern eliminates residual noise and feedback at the off-axis sections of the capsule.

UPC: 687471401125

In the Box

  • Audix DP7 - Professional Seven-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
  • Audix i5 Dynamic Instrument Cardioid Microphone
  • 2 x Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument Microphone
  • Audix D4 - Hypercardioid Dynamic Drum and Instrument Microphone
  • Audix D6 - Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone (Black)
  • 2 x Audix ADX51 Pre-Polarized Condenser Instrument Microphone
  • 4 x Audix D-Vice Spring-Loaded Rim-Mount Clamp DVICE
  • Aluminum Road Case
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

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