Allen & Heath dLive MixRack CDM32 128 ch 64 bus Digital Snake w 32 Mic Preamps

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  • 32 x 16 digital MixRack with 16 stereo effects returns
  • XCVI Core delivers unprecedented performance
  • DEEP technology provides a vast assortment of effects
  • Variable bit depth yields excellent precision and noise performance
  • 96-bit accumulator offers incredible headroom
  • Class leading, ultra-low 0.7ms of latency
  • 2 128-channel option I/O slots support Dante, Waves SG, ACE, and MADI
  • ME-1 port for connecting a personal monitoring system
  • Enjoy fader-free mixing from your laptop or touch tablet

A Compact MixRack for Your dLive System

The dLive CDM32 MixRack is packed with ample I/O and Allen & Heath's robust XCVI Core. Enjoy 128 inputs and 16 stereo FX returns with full processing. Turbocharge your input and mix channels with EQs, compressors, and FX emulations. Load the onboard FX slots with reverb, delay, or modulation algorithms. The CDM32 combines with a dLive Surface to form a powerful digital mixing system. Or go fader-free using your laptop or tablet. The Allen & Heath CDM32 MixRack delivers the power and performance you need for your next live mix.

XCVI Core delivers unprecedented performance

The dLive CDM32 MixRack generates enough power for 160 x 64 channels of processing at 96kHz, thanks to its robust XCVI Core. The XCVI Core's six parallel mixing engines calculate over 10,000 cross points per sample. Its FPGA router has capacity for 3,000 x 3,000 audio paths. This gives you 128 inputs and 16 stereo FX returns with full processing, a configurable 64-bus architecture, variable bit depth for excellent precision and noise performance, incredible headroom thanks to a 96-bit accumulator, and a low 0.7ms of latency.

DEEP technology provides a vast assortment of effects

Allen & Heath's DEEP technology infuses the dLive CDM32 MixRack's input and mix channels with an assortment of FX emulations to make your mixes pop. 64 Dyn8 dynamic EQ and multiband compression engines keep your dynamics under control. Shape your sound with a powerful array of EQs. Enjoy latency-free performance without monopolizing FX slots. And speaking of FX slots — the CDM32 has 16 available, each with a dedicated stereo return. Load them up with any of the reverb, delay, or modulation algorithms from Allen & Heath's RackExtra FX portfolio.

RackExtra FX portfolio includes:

  • Echo
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Stereo Tap Delay
  • Dynamic EQ
  • MultiBD3 Multiband Compressor
  • MultiBD4 Multiband Compressor
  • Transient Controller
  • Pitch Doubler
  • VS1 Vocal Shift
  • Rotator
  • SMR Live
  • 2 Tap Delay
  • Gated Verb
  • ADT Doubler
  • Chorus
  • Electric Flange
  • 12-stage Phaser
  • Symphonic Chorus
  • Hypabass
  • De-esser

Enjoy Surface-less mixing with laptop and tablet control

Configure your dLive system offline. Check and edit Show files. Or control your entire mix from your laptop or touch tablet. Since the dLive system's brain is housed in the MixRack, you can do away with a Surface and go fader-free. This kind of efficiency is ideal for fly-in dates and tight venues.

dLive C Class systems offer impressive levels of expandability

Allen & Heath's dLive C Class systems deliver up to 160 × 64 inputs and outputs, all running at 96kHz. The MixRack is the brain of the system, containing the XCVI Core, and is supported by a whole host of Surfaces, apps, software, TCP/IP control, and IP remotes, all of which provide different means of controlling the mixer. A pair of 128-channel I/O ports support Dante, Waves SG, ACE, and MADI, along with full compatibility with ME personal mixing systems. At Sweetwater, we've found dLive C Class systems to be flexible enough for corporate AV, multipurpose venues, houses of worship, theaters, and more.

In the Box

  • Allen & Heath dLive CDM32 MixRack
  • 1-Year Warranty


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